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Bangers & Brass

Bangers & Brass are an international DJ and live musician act. Their performances range from sophisticated, lounge and chill-out style sets to deeper, funkier and more upbeat evening performances carrying you through until the end of the after party.

Having performed for numerous high profile clients around the world, Bangers & Brass know what it takes to create the perfect soundscape for your event. Whether it's the DJ & muted trumpet duo playing chill out music at sunset or the 5-piece band including DJ, Trumpet, Sax, Drums & Percussion keeping your guests on the dance floor all night, they are the perfect accompaniment to any event.

You can view further content on the bands instagram.

Key Information

Duo: DJ & Trumpet/Sax (background only)

Trio: DJ, Sax, Trumpet/Percussion

Quartet: DJ, Trumpet, Sax, Percussion

Quintet: DJ, Trumpet, Sax, Percussion, Drums


Drinks Reception

Up to 3 hours DJ with 2x45 minute live instrument sets within.

Evening Party

Up to 4 hours DJ with 3x30 minute live instrument sets within.

Sound & Lighting

Bangers and Brass ask for all production to be supplied by your AV team. Where this is not possible they are able to add on a production package for their own sound, lighting and staging to be supplied for your event. Please get in touch to find out more.

What you will need to supply


A substantial hot meal and a free supply of soft drinks for all band members and crew.


A private room for the band to get changed, relax between sets, eat dinner and store cases / valuables.

Stage Space


 If you are providing a stage (recommended) then the minimum stage size requirements are:

Duo: 2.5m x 2.5m

Trio: 3.5m x 2.5m

Quartet: 4.5m x 3m

Quintet: 5m x 3m


Parking for all band and crew members (at no extra cost)

Guide Price


Drinks Reception

Duo: £1000 - £1250 +VAT

Party Band

Trio: £1750 - £2000 +VAT

Quartet: £2250 - £2750 +VAT

Quintet: £2750 - £3250 +VAT


Drinks Reception

Duo: £1600 - £2000 +VAT

Party Band

Trio: £2500 - £3000 +VAT

Quartet: £3250 - £3750 +VAT

Quintet: £4000 - £4750 +VAT

AV Production: 

Basic: £850 - £1000 +VAT

Upgraded Lighting: £1250 - £1500 +VAT

Bespoke: £2500 - £5000 +VAT


Drinks Reception

Relaxed, ambient, chillout sunsets in ibiza.


Funky house, disco remixes and ibiza

Alex & Phoebe


"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a HUGE thanks to Bangers & Brass for an incredible performance at our wedding last weekend, and to you for all that you have done as well. I was delighted to have been able to briefly meet and speak to the duo in the Nash Conservatory before guests started to arrive, though both Phoebe and I were disappointed not to have been able to thank them personally while on the Banks Lawn - we were being pulled in so many directions! Phoebe and I both have said - as have so many (many) of our guests - that Bangers & Brass added a whole other dimension to the day. Their sets were just incredible and the acoustics in the Nash Conservatory, in particular, made for a wonderfully unique entrance for our guests. Their performance was so good, it was as if we were transported to the world-class beach clubs of Ibiza! We are also incredibly grateful to the duo for playing over on their first set. Almost right away we were running late on timings, and it was incredibly generous of the band to play on until Phoebe arrived and walked down the aisle. It certainly did not go unnoticed from my side, and our guests barely noticed the delay in getting started as they were enjoying the music so much!"

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