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Fanfare Trumpets

The Fanfare Trumpets are an extraordinary team of Herald Trumpeters who will draw your guests attention to your function's key moments with prestige, class and sophistication.

There are times when an event requires something different. Our fanfare team are sure to create a statement whether it be an award ceremony, banquet, product launch or any other event imaginable. The fanfare trumpets have a wide range of uniforms to choose from alongside the options to design a bespoke banner which will hang from the trumpets for your event. At present, costume options are:

- British Guards Imitation Costumes

- Red Tailcoats

- Medieval Costumes

- Black Tie

The Fanfare Trumpets can also offer a full Military Style Marching band which is guaranteed to impress. Available to perform at events and functions around the globe, they will treat your guests like royalty.  The musicians are among the best in the country and many have learnt their craft from the finest military bands in the British forces.

Recent events include performances at Kensington Palace, London Palladium and Silverstone Circuit alongside events further afield for Harrods and Jaguar Land Rover in the Middle East and Qatar.

Key Information

Fanfare Trumpets

(1-9 musicians)

1 Trumpeter

Rarely used but can be used in small venues for simple announcements, such as a ‘call to dinner’, or calling guests from pre-dinner drinks through to the main dining hall.

2 Trumpeters

Commonly used in venues of 100-200 guests.  A great way to make a big impact with a small budget.

3 or 4 Trumpeters

Commonly used in large venues with over 150 guests.  A spectacular visual performance and huge sound, a truly exciting way to start an event.

7 Trumpeters or Full 9 Piece Line-up (includes percussion!)

This is used for the most magnificent events, where the host really wants to make an event outstanding.

Military Style Marching Band

12, 17 or 21 musicians


British Guards Imitation Costumes: This is the most striking uniform, standing out from a distance with dazzling scarlet red tunics and 18-inch bearskin headdresses. Ideal for events celebrating Britain, or for hosts entertaining guests from overseas. The uniform is similar to that worn by the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace. This is the only civilian fanfare team with the ability to offer this look.  Make an impression by treating your guests to something iconically British!

Red Tailcoats: Available in teams of all sizes (1-9). These red tailcoats are normally worn by Toastmasters across the country. It was in London that the red tailcoat was first worn by the famous Toastmaster, William Knightsmith in 1894, to stop him from being mistaken for a waiter. His coat was commended by King Edward VII and has since become a symbol of significance in UK venues. A scarlet coat is said to distinguish one from hundreds of guests and mark him as a man who has a unique part to play in the ceremonials.

Medieval Costumes: Available in teams of 1-4. The same costumes that were worn on stage with Michael McIntyre at the Royal Variety Performance 2014. Perfect for events at historical buildings or themed parties.

Toy Soldier Costumes: Available in teams of all sizes. Ideal for Christmas themed events.

Black Dinner Jackets & Black Tie: Available in teams of all sizes (1-9).  The team are also able to wear standard Black dinner Jackets with an option of black, red or even white bowties with either white or black shirts.

The Fanfare Trumpets aim to expand their uniform collection, so if they are currently unable to offer you something that you would like, then please contact us with your suggestions as we may be able to help.


Make your brand stand out with personalised trumpet flags. You can either send the team your completed artwork or the Fanfare Trumpets can work with you to create a new design. Please get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.


Fanfare Trumpets

Fanfare trumpets usually perform a short blast of music to introduce or announce something (up to 20 seconds).  Depending on the event, this can be repeated throughout the booking as much or a little as you wish. All prices are based on a 3hour stay at your venue.

Military Band

12 musicians (smaller indoor functions, for up to 10 minutes at a time e.g. 3x10 minute sets)

17 musicians (indoor or outdoor, for 5-15 minute performances at a time e.g. 2x15 minute sets)

21 musicians (indoor or outdoor, for 5-30 minute performances at a time e.g. 2x30 minute sets)


Whilst there is no PA to set up, as such, The Fanfare Trumpets like a 45 minute sound check/set-up period prior to the start of the event.

Sound & Lighting

Not usually needed however all production is to be provided by the venue where necessary

What you will need to supply


A substantial hot meal for all band members and a free supply of soft drinks and water.


A private room for the artist to get changed, store equipment and relax in between sets.


Parking for all band and crew members (at no extra cost)

Guide Price

Fanfare Trumpets

2 Trumpets: £500 +VAT

3 Trumpet: £750 +VAT

4 Trumpets: £925 +VAT

6 Trumpets - £1450 +VAT

Marching Band 

15 piece: £3500 - £4250 +VAT

17 piece: £3850 - £4750 +VAT

21 piece: £4500 - £5500 +VAT


Fanfares, military style marching bands and christmas nutcracker themed bands

Miss World Final


"It was such a pleasure to have you and your team performing for us at the final of Miss World this year, at the Excel, London. Your presence when announcing the winner really added the finishing touches to the show and everyone commented on how smart you looked and how brilliant it was to have something so quintessentially British for the London final. The sound your fanfare made was fantastic – perfect for the occasion. Working with you leading up to the event was also trouble-free it was a total pleasure dealing with you."

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