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Pandora's Jukebox

With world class musicians, expert song arrangements, state of the art sound & lighting, forensic attention to detail and a general love of performing music together, Pandora's Jukebox have built a reputation as the favourite wedding and events show & party band in London.

With a huge wealth of experience performing for hundreds of different events over the last decade, the band not only looks and sounds incredible but has a huge ever-expanding repertoire that will satisfy all your guests tastes and add the energy to keep the dance floor packed all night.

Pandora's Jukebox aren't just a party band - they have all sorts of other music options to compliment all aspects of your event or wedding. For example, music for the wedding ceremony, entertainment for a drinks reception or some background music to accompany dinner. They have a range of different ensembles available at heavily discounted rates when booked alongside their main party band lineups.

They also have a range of upgrades and add-ons to make your Pandora's Jukebox experience even more spectacular. An afterparty DJ, upgraded sound system and a premium lighting upgrade are just a few of the extras on offer.

Key Information


'Flagship' 15 piece band: 4 Vocalists, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Percussion, 6 piece horn section.  

'Favourite' 10 piece band: 2 Vocalists, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Percussion, 3 piece horn section


14 piece band: 3 Vocalists, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Percussion, 6 piece horn section  

13 piece band: 2 Vocalists, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Percussion, 6 piece horn section  

12 piece band: 2 Vocalists, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, 6 piece horn section  

9 piece band: 2 Vocalists, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, 3 piece horn section


Solo: Piano or Guitar

Duo: Piano, Sax or Vocalist

Trio: Piano, Bass, Sax or Vocalist

Quartet: Piano, Bass, Drums, Sax or Vocalist

+ option to add a professional DJ.


Party Band

Pandora's Jukebox offer 2 hours of live music (split between 2x60 or 3x40 min sets) between 8pm - Midnight. 

Music will be played during the band's breaks using their sound system with the option of you providing your own Spotify playlist (or you can add a DJ).

The band will arrive from 5pm (4pm for flagship band) with setup complete by 7pm (Earlier setup available for an extra fee)

Professional DJ

DJ Standard ‍Between 8pm - Midnight The band perform for 2 hours total, the DJ fills in the other 2 hours. ‍ 

DJ Late ‍Between 8pm - 1am The DJ fills in the bands gaps and the band perform their final set finishing at midnight. DJ then performs an 'after-party' set from midnight - 1am.  

DJ Super Late Between 8pm - 2am The DJ fills in the bands gaps and the band perform their final set finishing at midnight. DJ then performs an 'after-party' set from midnight - 2am.

Sound & Lighting


All lineups come with a fantastic state of the art Electrovoice (ETX) sound system as standard with enough punch to cover small to medium size rooms and up to 150 guests. This includes 2 x subwoofers (EV ETX 15SP) and 2 x mid/top speakers (EV ETX 10P).

Upgrade Sound

For marquees or larger rooms up to 400 guests a larger sound-system is recommended. Still using the same components as the standard sound system but effectively doubled up to allow for more 'headroom' and better coverage.


Stage and basic dance floor lighting is included as standard for all Pandora's Jukebox packages.

Upgrade Lighting

If you want to go even bigger on the wow factor, then this is definitely for you. With a fully synchronised lighting show on a stage spanning truss structure, it really does add another level of excitement to the performance. (This can be seen in the bands videos) Upgrade includes:

- Full stage span silver goalpost truss

- Four high power stage LED par cans

- Four Showtec LED Moving Head lights

- Two Pixel Swing Battens

- Top of the range Haze machine

- Fully synchronied with every song we perform for a truly impressive light show

What you will need to supply

As a high-end showband, Pandora's Jukebox have a number of requirements that we will discuss with you at the time of booking. In a nutshell, this is what the band will need in order to perform for you:


A substantial hot meal for all band members plus sound engineer and DJ (if present) and a free supply of soft drinks and water.


A 'green room' for the band to get changed in, relax between sets, eat dinner and store cases / valuables.

Stage Space


 If you are providing a stage (recommended) then the stage size requirements are as follows (assuming standard 8' x 4' sections of staging are used)

 Flagship band: 24' x 16'  

Favourite band: 24' x 12' 

Reduced band: 16' x 12'  


If the band are setting up on the floor (Favourite and Reduced only) then minimum space requirements are:

Favourite band: 6.5m x 3.5m 

Reduced band: 5m x 3m


3 x 13A power sockets (from separate mains feed i.e. not a 4way extension). If from generator a 32A supply for the sole use of the band - terminated at the performance area in at least 3 x 13A standard 3-pin sockets.


Parking for all band and crew members (at no extra cost)

Guide Price


10 Piece: £7500 - £9000+VAT

15 Piece: £12,750 - £14,500+VAT

International: POA


The bands full songlist is ever-expanding and encompasses the biggest and best hits from the last 8 decades. Pandora's Jukebox prides themselves in creating a party that suites all different guests' tastes so that no-one leaves the party disappointed.

Through years of performing shows they have learnt which songs really get the party going and how to structure their sets to build to a killer finish. That said, they also know that every couple has different tastes and so they welcome requests to ensure their performance doesn't disappoint.

On most shows they perform around 30 songs either as 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 40 minute sets. As standard, they typically start with the earlier genres (60s, soul, motown) so that all the family can share a dance together and then move through the genres to build to the end. ‍They're happy to switch this up though. If you have a particular thing in mind just let us know and we'll work with you to make it happen.

Sky Garden


"On behalf of Alan and myself I’d like to thank you for the hard work you put into making our Gala Dinner such an amazing event. The feedback we’ve had from our guests has been fantastic and the whole musical set was just spot-on. Please pass on our gratitude to all of the band, singers, DJ and support and it would be a pleasure, if the occasion occurs, to work with you in the future."

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